Community Choices Fund Open for Applications

The Community Choices Fund is now open for applications.
tsiMORAY is inviting expressions of interest from groups wishing to apply for the fund who may need assistance with their application or who may wish to discuss the Participatory Budgeting process further in depth. Depending on interest tsiMORAY may host an application surgery or invite groups to take advantage of 1-1 support appointments at tsiMORAY. Please note that the closing date for applications is midnight 29 July 2016. Please get in touch with if this would be of interest.

What is the Community Choices Fund?
In February 2016, the Scottish Government announced a new £2 million Community Choices Fund to support participatory budgeting (PB) in 2016/17 as a tool for community engagement. PB is recognised internationally as a way for local people to have a direct say in how, and where, public funds can be used to address local needs. Targeted particularly at work in deprived areas, the fund will build on the support provided by the Scottish Government for PB since 2014, and is part of a broader agenda around democratic innovation and engaged citizenship.

Fund for Applications
£1.5 million of the Community Choices Fund is now open for applications in two categories of £750,000 each. Category one is open to Public Authorities which includes Local Authorities and other Public Bodies. Category two is open to Community Organisations and Community Councils. The fund will support PB activity which will significantly expand opportunities for more local people to make decisions on local spending priorities and contribute to local democracy.

Note for Community Organisations and Community Councils
Community Organisations must demonstrate through a written constitution, articles of association or relevant documentation that the organisation is community led and controlled, is open to all members of that community and that the funds and assets of the organisation are used for the benefit of that community. Community Councils must have an agreed Scheme of Establishment with the Local Authority, have a written constitution and hold a bank account.

How to
The following documents provide more information and the application forms with which to apply for funding:
•         Information for Applicants
•         Guidance for Public Authorities
•         Guidance for Community Organisations and Community Councils
•         Application Form – Public Authorities
•         Application Form - Community Organisations and Community Councils
•         Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the fund please email:
The Community Choices Fund builds on the Scottish Government investment in participatory budgeting over the last two years.

More information about participatory budgeting is available at:

For details on applying for the Community Choices Fund go to:

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