Moray Forum Transport Steering Group

The aim of the Moray Forum Transport Steering Group (MFTSG) is to lead on the facilitation of an integrated, inclusive and coordinated transport service for Moray.

Its objectives are:
• to support existing community-led and community-focussed transport providers (e.g. Speyside Community Car Share Scheme, BABS, Osprey, Dial M, etc.),
• to support the development of sustainable community transport schemes/projects (e.g. community bus clubs, in response to expressed needs),
• to facilitate the formation of a Community Transport Forum (similar to the Aberdeenshire Community Transport Forum) for the sharing of good practice, knowledge, skills and experience,
• to plan, organise and deliver an annual transport seminar for users, providers and commissioners of transport which will inform the work of MFTSG,
• to map the provision of transport providers (geographical coverage, availability and conditions for use, etc.),
• to identify gaps in provision and find innovative ways to meet them,
• to ensure information is readily available to transport users on the services available through good communication and marketing and regular reviews and updates of the Transport Guide,
• to assist in the recruitment of community transport volunteers and provide support and the co-ordination of training and other benefits,
• to identify innovative projects in community transport and funding opportunities and disseminate information and assist with project planning,
• and to promote partnership working though good communication and the sharing of information.